Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wake Me On Thursday

I usually have a rule about not posting any picture that makes me look horrendous or ill, but I've reached a new level of crappy today, and it wouldn't be fair to readers if I didn't tell the truth about my nine-month journey at all times. This is what the last days of my Lyme pregnancy have been looking like. Even the pound of makeup I'm wearing under my eyes can't cover these circles! Someone please put me out and wake me up on Thursday morning.


  1. You are almost there!! Best of luck to you and your growing family! I will be sending positive thoughts your way tomorrow.

    I found out today I am having a boy. He looks like a healthy little guy so far and we're really happy :)

  2. It's Thursday! Wake up, wake up! Thinking of you, Sara!

  3. I'm sorry you ad such a rough time those last several days:( you are such a trooper!!