Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Better Days Ahead

Well, my short break turned into a long one, but not for depressing reasons. When I ended my IV treatment early this year, the hearing issues I was experiencing cleared up almost immediately, (we're thinking it was an issue with the antibiotic itself) and surprisingly, I began to improve on my own.

I've said many times that the people who have had success with Lyme treatments are not hanging around the internet talking about Lyme Disease; They are out living and moving on. Most want to leave the disease behind and not look back. Over the past few months, that's exactly what I was doing--living a (mostly) normal life with my family.

We were blessed with an early spring here, and I can't begin to describe how grateful I feel to have been able to run with my kids outside, take them to parks, do simple tasks like grocery shopping or running mundane errands. These activities did not leave me bed-ridden for days or weeks afterwards. On a personal level, I was able to reconnect with old friends, make some new friends, go out on a few dates with my husband, and even shop for some clothes that don't have elastic waistbands!

My husband found a new job that he loves, and with the help of our part-time college student, I've been able to care for the boys much better than I've been able to in the past while Mike is at work.

Unfortunately, I began a setback about three weeks ago, but I'm refusing to let it get me down. With the help of a new doctor, I am getting back on meds (antibiotics and herbals), and I will continue to hope that a day will come where I will experience more healthy months than sick ones.

I've received many kind notes lately asking about my whereabouts and if I will continue this journal. The answer is yes, I'd like to keep this open to help and hopefully share some stories from other women who have gone through a Lyme pregnancy. In the meantime, I'm compiling a list of FAQs I often answer and will be posting them within the next few days.

Thanks for your patience and support. It's helped tremendously.