Saturday, July 23, 2011

Things Are Looking Brighter

My Ob/Gyn called yesterday to make sure I hadn't jumped off a cliff, but also to tell me that my c-section was rescheduled to this coming Thursday, the 28th. Five days away. Not too bad at all, considering when I heard the news that we had to postpone the birth, I imagined it would be a much longer wait.

Because we were so close to lung maturity to begin with, and 37 weeks is considered full term, I will not have to have another amnio beforehand. (YES!) It's a done deal. I go in at 6am on Thursday, and we head right to Labor and Delivery.

In the meantime, I've slept a total of three hours each night for the past two nights. Everything on my body itches from the candida, and forgive the TMI, but I pee every hour and a half. Yay pregnancy and antibiotics.

I'm not sure if that's what's making it even tougher this week, or if the emotional stress has kicked some neuro stuff up--it could also be the physical stress of making the trip to the hospital and having the amnio... personally, I'd like to blame the Ambien I took for the first time the other night. That thing did horrible things to me and I haven't felt right (I'm really "fuzzy") in the head since--whatever it was, these last five days are not going to be easy. Pain level 9--feeling like I'm in a bug zapper again. It's OK now, though, because I'm in better spirits about it, and there is a real end in sight.

My husband told work he wasn't coming in yesterday, even though Friday is the busiest day of the week (that has NEVER happened!). We spent a very quiet day with our son and realized that it was better in the long run that the two brothers would not share a birthday. Having time together on Wyatt's special day, just the three of us, doing nothing but sitting around the house and playing was just what we needed. Neither of us are in the best mood, and focusing on our little guy without any pressure of entertaining or checking off to-do lists was amazing. Surprisingly, some people have rudely expressed disappointment that there was no big to-do or sharing of a birthday bash, but frankly, we don't give a flying you-know-what. Can't please everyone, right?

Wyatt had his first piece of cake, and he loved it. My parents showed up later that evening, as expected, for their normal weekend visit, gave the little guy a couple of presents, took some pictures, and that was that. Perfect.

The clock is ticking extra slowly, but we'll make the best of it. We'll meet our new little boy, and I'll get back on some better meds in no time. I may even stop twitching by the time I leave the hospital. Hey, you never know...

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  1. That is GREAT news! Hang on! I'm praying for you that maybe you'll get some reprieve from the pain while you wait for baby #2 to arrive!!