Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Times for A Change

I swear, it's not my intention to only post about Lyme issues during pregnancy as they pop up (but boy, do they pop up).

Checking in to report that I've had five solid days of feeling physically able, and I am so thankful for this new, unexplained increase in energy. (Woohoo!)

Here's where a magic answer would save a lot of people some time and trouble, but of course, I can't tell you what I'm doing differently, because there isn't anything. I'm not even sure it has anything to do with my actions at all. This disease is weird to say the least, and I could feel like I got hit by a truck at any moment.

That said, I will continue to think positively. My circulation has improved, the numbness and tingling are minimal, and the twitches only happen once or twice at night.
I'm sleeping well, my joints aren't killing me, and the room isn't spinning. I even woke up this morning and did laundry, took out the garbage, did some dishes, and let the dog out to pee. (Don't worry, I know to stop well before I reach my limit.)

My husband took me out yesterday to get a new pair of running shoes. So what if the thought alone of running right now makes me want to curl up in the fetal position? It's inspiration to keep up this good momentum, and I plan on walking for little bits at a time to build up some muscle and get the endorphins going. I figured shoes were a healthier reward than chocolate or an ice cream cone (though far less tasty). If I get wiped out, I get wiped out. Exercise will be waiting for me when I can handle it.

So, if you only get one thing from this post, please know that Lyme pregnancy doesn't have to mean nine solid months of agony (It might be eight and a half months of it, but let's celebrate any good day we can get!) Five good days and I am recharged.

This moment of peace has allowed me to put things in perspective. I keep telling myself, "Okay, a couple more months! That's nothing!" And in the grand scheme of things it isn't anything. Before I know it, this little life will need to be cared for on the outside, and I maintain that if my attitude is positive, no amount of Lyme pain will stop me from being a good, happy, loving mom.

I've said it a million times, Lyme pregnancy is hard, it's scary, and it can make healing seem like an unattainable goal at times, but THIS IS SO WORTH IT! And think of how much sweeter motherhood will be knowing we had to fight so hard for it.

Good luck on this journey, ladies, and enjoy those good days, even if they are few and far between! You can do it!

*Note: A good day allowed me to go outside and take some pictures of the spring blooms (see above). Fresh air is so good for the soul.

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