Monday, February 21, 2011

Lyme Digestive Issues Exacerbated by Pregnancy

I've had this blog for over a year now, and I pretty much feel comfortable talking about anything Lyme related, except for one thing: digestive issues. Not that I'm uncomfortable talking about poop--we all do it--it's just that some aren't comfortable reading about it, and I don't want to freak anyone out, HOWEVER...

I had such a major breakthrough in detox today, and I have to share this (minus the gory details for you squeamish types):

Over the years, Lyme has basically frozen my peristalsis (the muscle contractions that push your food and waste through your body). I haven't been able to go to the bathroom without a stimulant laxative for nearly ten years. I used to think not going for 7 days was bad. Last month, I hit my record of not going for 34 days. Before your mind explodes at the thought of that, just know that I'm not the only bloated, grumpy constipated Lymie out there; I've talked to many, and some have gone even longer than a month (I'd jump off a bridge. Seriously.)

I've had every test known to man. Specialists would give me Miralax, supplements, enemas, crazy diets, blah blah blah, and then get stumped. Before they dismissed me, they'd say, "Go ahead and take stimulants, and good luck to you."

Do this for ten years, then get pregnant, and to your horror, those stimulants will stop working, and you're left with nothing but pain, despair, and a very concerned OBGYN.

Last week, New LLMD was the first doctor ever to take my condition seriously. He went so far as to say that my lack of detox is hurting me far more than Lyme and Co., and since I don't sweat either, I'm just sitting around poisoning myself. He believes that if I can start going numero dos daily and on my own, I might even have as much as 50% of my symptoms eradicated.

He put me on the following supplements:

1 scoop of Trufiber and 1 Enzalase (digestive enzyme) at bedtime
1 scoop Miralax in the morning
1 Therelac probiotic in the morning
1 tbs Biopure electrolytes mixed with water
1 tbs Biopure Microminerals mixed with water

My jaw dropped when they checked me out and the supplement cost alone was $180 for a month's supply, but I put my trust in the doctor, took the stuff, and I swear to God the very next day I finally had a toilet victory. I wouldn't win an award for it or anything, but at least it was something, and it's only getting better.

So if you have some issues down below, I highly recommend these products. All are safe during pregnancy.

And if you can stand to read further, here is my life-changing experience:

LLMD also recommended colon hydrotherapy. (Safe after the first trimester.)

Let me preface this by saying that as much as I try to be open-minded toward Lyme treatments, I think a bunch of the methods people talk about on Lyme forums are hocus pocus. Also, even though I'm all about natural treatment, shooting a daily coffee enema up my ass for detox is not something I care to do (though some swear by it, and I say all power to them).
What I'm saying is, I'm a skeptic, and I believe in hydrotherapy as a great way to jump start fixing a detox issue.

So anyway, hydrotherapy--best thing I've ever done for myself. Ever. It sounds and looks scary when you Google it, but I swear, it's not bad at all. It was actually kind of relaxing, and afterwards you feel like you lost ten pounds.

I know some of you still reading this far will move on and won't think twice about this post, because most of you don't have this problem. That's WONDERFUL. I envy you. :)

For those of you that do suffer from constipation, coming from someone who has struggled with this for years, you HAVE to try this, whether you're pregnant or not. My results were immediate: detoxed and feeling so much better in just an hour. I'm going for another round next month. I wish someone had told me about this years ago; it would have spared me (and my loved ones who have had to deal with my complaints and laxative abuse) so much trouble. Therefore, I'm passing on this little cleansing secret to you and anyone else who will listen.

Butt therapy: It's fabulous.

*Quick revision note: I was extra tired when I wrote this and forgot to mention the actual reason for this post in the first place! If you have a sluggish system due to Lyme before pregnancy, chances are it's going to get even worse while you are pregnant due to those lovely little hormones, as well as the baby taking up space. As you probably know, pregnancy is known to cause constipation in anyone, not just Lymies, so prepare yourselves for some possible uncomfortable times ahead.


  1. I have been wanting to do the hydrotherapy for a long time! We haven't had the money to do it but I think we will try it soon. I've heard from my sister-in-law (who also has lyme) that it's been so beneficial to her detoxing. I was skeptical at first but she explained it all to me and it didn't sound so scary anymore :) Glad to know you have seen results too!

  2. It is a bit expensive... about $100 for an hour session. Even if you can just do one at some point, it makes a world of difference. Definitely not scary at all. As weird as it sounds, mine was done at a spa, so I felt like I was treating myself to something instead of having a medical procedure. Sounds crazy to think of colon cleansing as a treat, but honestly, I feel so much better (aside from some weird herx-like symptoms that lasted only a day) and when I got on the scale the next day I was 8 pounds lighter. I'll take one a week, please. ;)

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