Monday, January 17, 2011

Will Lyme Pregnancy Make Me Feel Like I'm Dying?

I'm not going to lie--the first trimester with Wyatt, my first baby, was TERRIBLE. I had the worst morning sickness, my Lyme symptoms flared up, and I was in bed for the first 12 weeks. I went totally off my Lyme diet, because the only food I could keep down was mashed potatoes, morning, noon, and night. I was achy, Lymie, whiny, and I'm sure my poor husband wanted to jump out of a window after having to tolerate me.

Second trimester was cake compared to the first. Nothing special to report there--I even started to enjoy pregnancy.

Third trimester started out great, but at 35 weeks all hell broke loose and I was in some serious trouble. The Lyme symptoms were unbearable-- I was twitchy (and the tics were constant), my limbs went numb, and I could barely walk. Don't get me started on the bone and joint pain and vertigo. I ended up being induced at 36 weeks, because according to my OBGYN, keeping the baby in there "would be cruel torture" (to me, not the baby).

Don't get too scared--the pain didn't last forever, and the symptoms lessened almost immediately after birth. By the time I went home from the hospital, I was wiped out, but I no longer considered jumping out the window after my husband.

Fast forward a bit, and it's all water under the bridge. I am thrilled to be doing this all over again, and I mentally prepared myself right away for some rough times ahead.

Here's where it gets interesting:

You know how they say every pregnancy is different, and you never know how you're going to feel?

Not just good. AMAZING!

I don't know why, and I realize that it could all go down the toilet in the blink of an eye, but oh my god, at (nearly) the end of my first trimester, I'm doing more and feeling better than I have in years. All while caring for a six-month-old.

So if you had a nightmare Lyme experience during your last pregnancy, it doesn't necessarily mean your other pregnancies will be the same. I would never have believed that if it wasn't happening to me. I actually feel like I have somewhat of a life back. Granted, I need lots of sleep, and I nap every chance I can get, but the improvements are astounding.

This is simply a case where pregnancy is masking the Lyme symptoms.
And though I'm way too cynical to get fooled so easily (there will surely be some tough times), I'm just enjoying this moment.

Mostly, I'm enjoying being able to tell you that it is possible to get through a first trimester and actually feel great.

Now, if someone could invent a pill that takes rid of cravings, that would make my life complete. Something tells me that Cheetos aren't Lyme friendly, but I'd kill for some right now. Gross, I know.

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for writing this blog. It has given me the hope that I can do this even though I am still very sick. I am almost 40 and lyme has stolen the last few years of my life just when I would have wanted to have a baby.

    Congratulations on your new pregnancy

    I was wondering what anti-biotics you ended up taking during your last pregnancy. I am thinking of zith as I have bart. I probably would want two of them. I am seeing my LLMD in a week. He is not happy about my choice to interrupt my treatment.

    Recently my thyroid has gone out of whack. Never easy.

    Would love to hear your meds and the doses.

    If you have the time and could email back my address is

    Thanks and warm wishes,