Friday, February 19, 2010

Unexpected Treatment Delays

My PICC line appointment for this morning got canceled.

Insurance company approved the line but denied the drugs and the home treatment.
That's a hell of a lot of money we don't have right now, so we will fight it.
In the meantime, I'm waiting by the phone for any word from the doctor about the appeal we're making.

Not that I'm in a hurry to get stabbed with needles, but I'm completely out of antibiotics and this little baby needs to be protected from the evil spirochetes.
Plus, my bones hurt and I'm twitching up a storm (which makes me look silly) so the sooner I'm treated, the better.

Time to buy a winning lottery ticket or just keep my fingers crossed that my insurance company decides to stop being stupid and actually do what it's supposed to do.
I'm not holding my breath for either.


  1. Ugh, I hate insurance companies! We just went through a battle to get them to cover my bicillin shots. They are covering 6 weeks but I need 3 months. So annoying. I hope you are able to get everything covered.

  2. That stinks, Casey! There are way too many people out there sharing this problem. What's worse is that the amount of money most of us spend each month to keep insurance would have paid for a good portion of the treatment!Sometimes I feel like I'm throwing money down the drain.
    Keep the faith.
    Also, I find that if I am as annoying to them as they are to me, eventually stuff gets covered. Maybe not all at once, but keep pestering to get a little at a time. 6 weeks might turn into 3 months... Good luck!

  3. Hi Sara! Thanks for sharing your story. I am about your age and have Lyme also. I am on orals right now and have a slow treatment road ahead of me. I saw your post on Lyme Friends and wanted to read your blog. I am SO sorry you are having to go through all this insurance stuff when all you want to do is protect your baby. I will definitely be praying for ya! My husband and I have talked about what we would do about pregnancy (we don't have any kids yet), but I am WAY too sick to even think about that for now. However, I am excited for you and your little bundle of joy that will arrive in the future! I will be praying the insurance company has a major change of heart. I am actually too sick to do IV right now (long story, lol), but we could never afford it if our insurance decided to deny us. I hope that it works out for you and soon! My hubby and I have a blog too where I update about our journey. Feel free to check it out! We will get through this girl! I admire your courage and strength!

  4. :( stay strong sweetie. power of positive thought!