Thursday, April 7, 2011

All Lyme Pregnancies Are Different

Today I reached the point where my neuro issues were so bad, I had to call my new LLMD for advice. I'm used to hearing my old LLMD tell me to wait it out and call in a month to check in. There was never anything he could do during pregnancy to manage my symptoms due to allergies to basically all of the antibiotics safe for use during pregnancy. (Please note: this won't happen to everyone. There are plenty of antibiotics available. I just happen to be allergic to them. On top of that, I seem to be immune to Zithromax, the one I actually can take.)

After hearing this a bunch of times, it became a habit to avoid calling or reaching out on days I felt terrible.

It surprised me that when I called my new LLMD today, I actually sounded apologetic about having to bother him. He assured me that even though many doctors (LLMDs included) are hesitant to treat during pregnancy, that he wasn't, and he took my increase in symptoms very seriously.

Still, he didn't have too much to offer yet, but he did tell me this (not good news for me, but good for all of you considering making some babies):

- When I asked him if this sort of flare-up was common during Lyme Pregnancy, he said no, not at all. Usually the opposite happens, and women get a nine-month relief period from symptoms. He said he has treated a few women who have had lousy pregnancies due to Lyme, and also some who have had other medical issues that caused complications, but for the most part, the pregnancies he sees (and have heard about directly through Dr. K and Dr. B) have been uneventful. It's usually after delivery that the mother starts feeling lousy for a while.

- He still believes that detox is the best way to relieve many symptoms. We need our systems cleared out for them to run properly. In my case, he's upped the fiber supplements even more. He's also researching some herbs that are considered safe during pregnancy. Surprisingly, there aren't many that are recommended.

My doctor is taking some time to ask around and talk with other LLMDs to see if there is something that can be done for my pain and twitching, since he agrees that my treatment options are limited. I expressed that while I have no problems with going the herbal route, I'm just not comfortable pumping myself full of category C pharmaceuticals for pain. Once the baby comes, he can have me eat fertilizer for all I care--just as long as it works.

I'll hear back from him tomorrow. I'm just glad he's taken an interest in my case.

Bottom line: I'm abnormal when it comes to a significant health decline during pregnancy. It doesn't usually happen like this. I'm also abnormal in the sense that I started feeling better after I gave birth faster than most women do. If a big "relapse" occurs, it usually happens after delivery. I give all of the credit to minocycline. For some reason it helped me a great deal until I got pregnant a few months later and had to go off of it.

Do you have any remedies for treating neuro symptoms? If you do, please share!


  1. Can you take Bicillin? I started Bicillin IM injections after I relapsed off IV meds. The injections totally take away most of my neuro symptoms. They are also category B for pregnancy! I hope you aren't allergic to Bicillin. Hang in there!

  2. I've heard great things about Bicillin injections... rough on the system at first, but great when it comes to alleviating neuro stuff (does that sound right?) Many of my pregnant Lyme friends were on Bicillin. Unfortunately, it's on my list of things I can't take, but definitely a possible option for others needing treatment. Thanks!

  3. I don't have any suggestions for neuro symptoms really, but I was wondering if you've ever heard of baltic amber. It's sold at, primarily as necklaces for teething babies. Supposedly something in the amber interacts with the oils in your skin and the combination is a pain reliever. I can't say that I've ever tried it but it seems to work for my daughter.

  4. Hi Sara. I'm now about 7 weeks along in my Lyme pregnancy:) I've posted a few comments before (I'm the one that owes a tremendous amount of progress to rife) and thought I'd chime in again since I have a lot of experience with alternative treatments and have put a lot of thought into what I can take and do while pregnant. It sounds like you have a lot of bart/mycoplasma symptoms. Those are the beasties I am afraid of most, because they grow so fast and sneak up on you! They are also difficult to treat during pregnancy. A lot of the herbs that were once recommended for Lyme pregnancies, such as Stephania and Cat's Claw are now generally not recommended, although some would disagree. I'm playing it safe and not taking them. Echinacea, reasonable amounts of garlic and ginger, smaller doses of vitamin c (no megadoses) are safe during pregnancy. I have done one round of an Echinacea glycerine tincture for a few days and it did give me a herx (burning nerves in legs). Coconut oil would also be an obvious choice as it is quite benign to our systems but deadly to lots of beasties, but you have to start taking it in very small doses to avoid a mega herx. I am taking chlorella to detox, and I really know it the days I forget to take it. It does help with nerve pain for me! One thing to note: I have read that one of the amino acids found in most nuts and some legumes such as peanuts feed mycoplasma and EBV. I find it helpful to limit the amount of nuts/peanutbutter I eat. I used to eat A LOT of nuts trying to eat a good diet. Epsom salt baths sometime take the edge off nerve pain. Lavender essential oil is used specifically for nerve pain. While I wouldn't put the essential oil directly on the skin while pregnant, it should be fine to put a few drops in the bath. Sorry if this is hard to follow!

  5. I also wanted to add that the herb skullcap is routinely recommended for (normal) pregnant women by herbalists for relaxation and calming the nerves. It is in the mint family, which I know sounds really wussy, but I have found it to be quite a potent nervine and believe it would be beneficial for pain. I use it for sleep and am quite grateful that I have not had entirely sleepless nights during this pregnancy yet.

  6. Thanks, Libby! I'll check it out today! :)

  7. Stacey, these suggestions are outstanding! I can't thank you enough for taking the time to post all of them.
    7 weeks now?!? Yaaay! I'm so happy for you! Hope you're feeling well and strong.

    My doctor had mentioned the garlic and ginger, but i didn't know about the skull cap.
    It's funny... I sent a "woe is me" email to my hairstylist friend, complaining about how my hair is brittle and falls out in clumps from all of this crap. She suggested coconut oil treatments, and I was going to send my mom out to get some today. Maybe I'll do a little for the hair, and a little to ingest. hehehe :)
    Thanks for the info about the nuts--will lay off for sure. I've been eating a lot of them thinking it was a healthier snack. Ooops.

  8. PS: Stacey, would you mind messaging me? I have a few Lyme questions for you. :) Thanks! lymepregnancy (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Hang in there, Sara!

    Stacey, Would you mind sharing here what you are taking during pregnancy to prevent transmission of Lyme? Are you doing antibiotics, or going natural?


    Hope you guys don't mind if I ramble/ask opinions here.....below is a topic that has been in my thoughts lately. I thought about emailing Sara privately to ask her opinion, but I figure I might as well post here, so others could chime in....

    I have been off antibiotics now for 5 months, because I (basically me, but LLMD gave blessing) decided that I wasn't making anymore progress on them, and that it was just time (I have done a TON of treatment, so it's not like I undertreated. LLMD supports decision to stop). So I'm not really better, but some of what's left could be just CFS (meaning, various causes..endocrine, etc) and not active Lyme, but who knows. I DO know that going off antibiotics did not make me worse.

    Hubby and I are now thinking we will likely wait a year before trying to conceive. It has left me wondering if it would be right to go back on antibiotics for pregnancy or not, once the time comes. I can't believe I am considering that! I will probably go on them, for the sake of wanting to be safe and not sorry. But I do question the decision, for a "chronic Lyme/post Lyme" patient who was misdiagnosed for a year or more, treated, and is then off antibiotics for awhile before conceiving, but never fully got old level of health back. What do you guys think?

    I think in cases like Sara's, it is OBVIOUS that they are needed, because she obviously has active Lyme, and further evidence for the decision is the fact that she feels better on the antibiotics (they take symptoms away). So of course she has active Lyme, and you don't want the baby being exposed to that!

    Do you all see why I would question going back on them in 1-5 years, when I am pregnant? Or am I crazy for thinking such a thing? I just have gotten to the point that I'm not sure if it's the right decision....why rock a boat that doesn't need to be rocked? Last time I was pregnant, for me, something in my intution was telling me that the drugs (esp. the Mepron) were just wrong in my case, and would be just adding further stress to my body (it is true, I feel better off abx than on, in general. I don't handle it well). I think about how the human body was designed to protect a growing fetus from disease, and why fight that natural process? (in cases like mine) People are exposed to a lot of infectious diseases in their lifetime, and of course it's not practical to shield the growing baby from all of them, right? So my body must be designed to protect the baby after a certain amount of time has passed? (This is all my train of thought)

    I just don't know what to think. I haven't gotten around to asking my LLMD this question yet. I am assuming they will tell me to go back on the abx when pregnant. But I just have this "sixth sense" that the abx do burden my body, which is something I don't want to do when I am pregnant.

    I realize most women with Lyme don't have a choice like this....they become pregnant, their disease is active, so they need the abx.

    But what are you all's thoughts on taking them for a future pregnancy, once you're off meds for awhile? Assume I'm not 100%, but more like 50%-60%. As in, can exercise but just kinda burdened by something, more tired, gets overwhelmed easily, but abx no longer help, and I no longer herx at all, even with cyst busters.

    Sorry if too long. Thanks for all opinions.


  10. ps- when I said, "I can't believe I'm considering that!" I meant, considering possibly NOT going back on antibiotics for a pregnancy. Because during these many years of treating my late/chronic stage Lyme, I always assumed I'd be on antibiotics in my future pregnancies, as a "given." So it has surprised me that as time has gone on (even in last couple months).... my "intuition/what-feels-right" meter is now telling me that maybe I shouldn't.

    pps- please feel free to offer any and all opinions, no matter what they are. I am feeling kinda desperate for opinions from others who "get" where I'm coming from (Lyme and also as a young woman), which would be you all.


  11. Responding to this last post....
    I am all about natural treatment and Rife (truly a godsend, really. It causes flare hell for months on end, but what other effective options are there when you've done the antibiotics road?) BUT since I would never rife during pregnancy there is no choice in my mind but to do antibiotics. I am currently on zithromax and doing *okay* but have noticed a decline in my muscle function for sure. I'm pretty miserable from morning sickness so I am hoping for a better second trimester. I've ordered some Lauracidin because I've been trying to take coconut oil but am probably not getting enough to help much, especially with my now grumbly tummy.
    You would seriously be playing roulette to have a pregnancy without abx. Not only could you pass it, but it could cause birth defects. I have a 5.5 year old daughter. I think I had Lyme mildly when I was pregnant with her but she was born strong and healthly and we were so lucky in this respect. When she was almost two shit really hit the fan for me. All at once I went from having a few weird symptoms to near death and not being sure what was wrong. My daughter was still nursing sometimes at this point and although I did wean her because I was so sick I still managed to pass Lyme and bartonella to her during this time (I passed it to my husband as well during this time). Although she is well now, it's been a long road. No one wants to see their child suffer, and it's hard enough to have one family member sick.
    Antibiotics helped my daughter but I literally had to figure out how to get her well myself. That is a scary thing for a mom.
    Certainly taking antibiotics while pregnant isn't how we all dreamed it would be, but it is the most responsible thing to do. For now, I am taking tons of probiotics and crossing my fingers.

  12. Hey Hoos-- From what I've heard around the block, if you're still seeing a LLMD by the time you're pregnant, he or she will suggest, regardless of how long it's been since you've been on abx, that you take them during the pregnancy. It's just to be safe, and if you're in remission, it's pretty much seen as a brief "maintenance" period.

    I know where you're coming from when you talk about feeling like abx burden the body... I believe the Zithromax makes me feel even worse (not in an expected "good" herx sort of way), but I agree with the docs that I have to take it anyway, just to be safe. I'd do the same if I were in full remission. I just remember my LLMD saying, "Unfortunately, during pregnancy, you're in a holding pattern as far as treatment goes. You have to do what's best for the baby right now and just tolerate as much as you can until the pregnancy is over." (Greeaat...)

    I'm with Stacey on this one, and would take the abx during pregnancy. It's nine months, which feels like forever, but it just seems like the safe thing to do for the baby. After that, you're free to take the natural approach forever. :) (As you know, though, I'm no expert on this stuff--your own intuition means the most in your decisions. After all the shit we research and read about with this Lyme stuff, at the end of the day it comes down to knowing our bodies and following our hearts. Not to sounds cheesy, but you know what I mean...)

  13. Thanks for the replies! You gals are awesome to take the time to respond at length, while so busy with your own stuff. :) You all make a lot of sense. In the end, I think you are right. It's just going to be a hard thing to do. Not at all because of *me*, but because it just feels so unnatural to me, to be going against what my body wants, while pregnant. ( I can tell that my body definitely prefers no antibiotics). So it's not really about tolerating it for 9 months for the sake of the baby, it's moreso the "principal" of knowing I'm going against my body, during the most important thing my body will go through....forming another body. Hope that makes sense! :)

    I guess my biggest fear is if I take antibiotics during pregnancy, and then give birth to a child with some kind of disability or delay, I know I would suspect it was because I went against my intution and took the abx. Sigh. Ugh. It's a real brain-twister.

    Though of course, the thought of a child with Lyme is equally disturbing!

    So I guess I'm worried about the antibiotics messing up the child. I keep reading about all these chemicals we need to avoid while pregnant, and I, what about those pills? I guess this probably seems kind of silly, given the babies that we all know of that are doing fine, after their mothers did take the abx. But I think I'm thinking....they mess ME up (and I don't think it's because of a herx or kill off) so why wouldn't they mess up baby? (not asking you all to answer that, just venting).

    I'm really sorry to harp on the issue. I almost feel disrespectful, coming here and bringing this up, when there are women who have greater worries. But by the same token, I just feel like I need someone to lean on with these worries. And I probably need a "voice of reason," which is what you all obviously are. ;) Thanks for listening.

    Stacey, do you mind if I ask why you are on Zith and not Amox or Ceftin? Or are you on one of those as well?

    For me, Amoxicillin has always been what has controlled my symptoms the most, while leaving me feeling the least "blah" (the blah that is the abx dragging you down). So I'm thinking at the least, I will be on that. Are we thinking that is enough? That may end up being the happy medium for me.

    I may add Zith too though, because I'm hopeful it would have some action against babesia and bart, which Amox obviously doesn't.

    Again, thanks so much. Hubs and I keep fluctuating on when we are going to start our family...we have been ever so slightly less diligent with our birth control measures, so I really feel like I need to hash out this issue in my head/heart soon.

    Oh, one last thing, if this isn't too personal of a question. Sara, how is Wyatt doing cognitively? Does he seem to be meeting those brain/behavior milestones? Eye contact, seems to be a smart kid, etc? I can remember reading on your blog that he is doing great physically, but I can't remember if I read anything about development in the other areas. I think that would help reassure me too.

    Thanks again. I feel like I'm annoying, so just know that you guys are awesome for putting up with me! :)

    I think I have finally gotten over my neurosis about not working, and coming to terms with the fact that because of that, the baby may not have everything I had growing up, like participation in crazy activities that cost money, any college you want to go to, etc. That took awhile to do. I guess I never envisioned I would have to make hard decisions like this....I always assumed everything would be perfect when babies came....We make plans, and God laughs. Right?


    1. Hi,
      I'm curious to know what you ended up deciding to do? I had two babies before being diagnosed and passed Lyme onto one of them. Did you ever find a natural alternative to the antibiotics. I'm on a mission to find another option.Possibly for myself but mainly so my daughter when the time comes.

  14. ps--Sara, thanks for letting me know that you understand what I mean about feeling like the abx are dragging you down in a way.

    It is so nice to know that I'm not the only one feeling this way. Just like when you guys told me you understand about the scary dark undereye circles and fatigue. It's just nice to know I'm not alone. Thank you.


  15. Don't feel bad, Hoos, This is what the blog is for. If doctors can't ever agree and still don't know what the hell they're doing, how are we supposed to know what the hell we're doing and what's right? We have to learn from each other's real experiences.

    All I can tell you is that if I could go back in time and tell the Sara from a year ago one thing it would be this: "You made yourself physically sick over worry that was often times uncalled for and blown out of proportion." Seriously,when I first found out I was pregnant, I was a mess. To be honest, I was a ball of panic throughout the pregnancy and had to make great effort to calm my mind and just go with the flow. I was reading articles all day, talking to other sick people, and just thinking, "Wow, is life really this complicated forever, cause if it is, I'm gonna stroke out by the time I'm 45."

    Your fears are valid, of course, but if you let them take over, you're creating a world of trouble that will make pregnancy a very scary and difficult thing, rather than the happy, natural event that it is.

    There's this funny book that was just released as a parody of sorts for all of those "What to Expect" books. (Holy crap, have you read any of those? Even worse are the mom forum websites and email blasts they send out. "Don't eat this or your baby will DIE. Don't sniff paint, get a whiff of cigarette smoke from someone on the street, don't wash your hair with anything that makes bubbles, don't you dare eat a piece of turkey, don't ever lie on your back! Don't take a laxative, you'll go into labor (not true btw, I've taken them liberally, recommended by my doctor). How the hell is the human race not extinct yet?!) Anyway, the book is called, "Let's Panic About Babies," and it pokes fun at all of the things we're told we should be afraid of. Though I haven't read it in full, the few sections I have read make me laugh and kind of put things in perspective.

    I'm not saying that chemicals, or antibiotics, or even laxatives are good for us, but let's face it: we live in a world that is (sadly) full of pollution and toxic things. If antibiotics were so bad, they would have been banned completely by now. I'm saying this because American culture has basically deemed EVERYTHING a baby killer. Seriously, if one kid died thirty years ago licking a piece of dirt, the trend will become to keep your kids out of the dirt until we find something else more dangerous.

    What I'm getting at is that whether you're taking antibiotics (for a good cause), eating the most wholesome, safe, organic foods, or nitrate filled hotdogs by the package, there will be risks to EVERYTHING during pregnancy AND parenthood. It's brings out neurosis in all of us. To me, that just means we love our children and want to protect them. The chances of you hurting your child's development with antibiotics are most likely far slighter than passing on Lyme without antibiotics. Both scenarios don't often happen (for every 1 email I get about passing on Lyme because the mom didn't know she was infected during pregnancy, I get ten about happy, healthy babies born to sick moms, and these are just the women comfortable enough to share their stories--Lyme moms who have had healthy babies and are feeling well have no use for blogs like this and are out doing mom things.)

  16. OK one last example that I hope will help. SIDS. Every parent in the world is afraid of it. It's effing terrifying. When you go to those birthing classes, it seems like it's all they talk about, and you even go home with pamphlets about how to prevent it, because it's such a huge threat to babies. Of course, it's real. There's always a risk of it. But take the worry away for a minute and look at it rationally: last year there were over 4 million births in the US. In an article posted in 2010 by USA Today, SIDS takes approx. 2,300 babies a year in the US. 2,300 for every 4 million. Chances are, your baby will be fine. Unfortunately, we often blur the lines of "awareness" and "let's create massive societal fear."
    Apply that to the risks of taking abx during pregnancy, or even passing on Lyme if you want to take it there. Can it happen? Sure. Is it frequent and/or severe enough to not create life over? That's up to you, but I guarantee you that not a single mom here regrets a day they have spent with their child, even if there are major ups and downs.

    cont... You are TOTALLY not alone in this, whether it's fear of the unknown, reluctantly accepting a new, "modified" life, or feeling like a monster with black raccoon eyes.

    And it sounds like if you're slacking on the birth control, your heart is saying you're just about ready for go to baby town. Now you just have to calm that mind down, girl! Even when it's a struggle, life works itself out. You and your baby will be just fine. :)


    PS: Wyatt (knock on wood) is doing well in all health areas. Cognitively, he's a star (I swear, I'm not just saying that cause I'm his mom). Smart, quick, and for being a month early, he's even hitting all of his milestones ahead of schedule. Always on the lookout for symptoms or delays, but right now, he's just a happy, active little boy.

    1. Dear Sara,
      Thank you so much for your posts, in particular this one....I have been hugely struggling witht the decision to become pregnant due to Lyme disease. I feel selfish for wanting to have a baby because I have Lyme. I have had 2 miscarriages (due to chormosome abnormalities), and each time we try it's like deciding all over again to take the risk of passing on Lyme. I am not worried about taking the antibiotics during pregnancy, I am worried that they won't work in preventing transmission. Do you know of any herbal options that are safe during pregnancy that are antimicrobials effective againt Lyme...I currently take Samento, Banderol, Grapefruit Seed Extract, but I have read mixed reviews of whether they are safe or not. Again, thank you for your posts, it gives me great hope and a sense of peacefullness to have a baby. I have actually saved your post to read it when I freak out about Lyme and pregnancy:)

  17. Sara,

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I just wrote a long response and I lost frustrating! So this version will be shorter. Anyways, your post was a breath of fresh air, so thank you. I definitely laughed out loud at your description of the book. I'll have to check that out.

    Was wondering....among the women who do have healthy babies and take antibiotics during the pregnancy, about what % are doing monotherapy vs. two abx at once?

    I think it would make me feel better to know that quite a few of those women do the 2 abx, since I feel that that recommendation is newer (vs. in the past, back when ILADS was newer, it seemed to just be Amox or bust for pregnancy). I think more of my worry comes from really just blasting my body with 2, and I wonder how many women have really done that. It would be nice to know that the upgrade to 2 abx hasn't impacted any of the children negatively (of course it's better Lyme protection, but speaking more of "does it produce negatives in any way, or are the babies able to handle all that").

    Thank you!!!!!

  18. Ugh, again I lost my long little "ps"

    Just wanted to add that I'm so glad to hear that Wyatt is doing so great! What a blessing.

    And I really respect you for being able to stay so level-headed through this, and not let Lyme keep you from living life in a very rich and full way (i.e., not letting the illness swallow your spirit). It is not an easy thing to do!


  19. It's definitely been a combo treatment for most of the women I've talked to. Mostly, I hear about zith and bicillin shots, or zith and omnicef. I'm sure there are some women out there (and I hope they will write in because I want to hear about it) who have had negative experiences with antibiotics affecting the babies, but I haven't heard of any issues yet. Not a single one. A few, like you, have expressed concern with the amount of drugs they were on, feeling like the abx dosage was too high.
    To that, I recommended just being upfront and talking to the LLMD to express the concern. I remember one case in particular, the doctor said he understood the fear and cut the dose until the woman felt comfortable.
    Abx treatment during pregnancy isn't an exact science as far as dosing goes, and I've heard from a range of women who have been on nothing at all to being pumped full of drugs and supplements (some take more that I have at one time when I WASN'T pregnant.) There have been healthy babies born from all of these situations.
    One worked fine for me, but I would be on a zith, omnicef combo if I didnt have the allergies.

    I have an awesome OB that does frequent ultrasounds to make sure that the baby is developing as he should. That's helped ease the fear. Also, you can have blood tests done to make sure YOUR levels are good in the nutrient, liver, what have you department. That brings at least a little peace.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Hoos. I have to admit, I'm not always level-headed at all, which is why I write in retrospect instead of when I'm in it. I'm trying really hard to train my mind to pull out the positive in bad situations. This is coming from somewhat of a life-long bitter pessimist. ;) As all of us know, it's friggin' hard to find joy when we're in pain ALL the time. Being scared on top of that makes it worse.

    Just so you don't think I'm totally loopy with fulfillment, I'll admit that last Saturday I spent the day in bed, sobbing, feeling sorry for myself. One of my best friends had an engagement party, and I was too sick to attend. I even had a dress that would fit my fat ass and a babysitter lined up. On top of that, I couldn't handle taking care of Wyatt that day. Just too fatigued, and his constant need to crawl, "walk" and get into mischief was actually irritating since I couldn't keep up. I had to give him to my mom for a bit while I locked myself away, cried, and ate a cadbury egg out of self loathing. My mantra on those days is: "For the love of god, get me off this ride. I'm done!."

    But it passes. I give myself some time (like a day) to wallow and act like a pissy manic whacko, and then I remind myself that it won't make anything better and I have a job to do (be kind to myself so that I can be good to my husband and baby). The more miserable I am, the sicker I feel. At my most morbid, I think, "Well, based on the last 12 years, I'm not going to live a long, healthy life, so I have to steal every good moment I can while I have the opportunity."
    You'll find that when you have bottles to make and diapers to change and babies to smile back at, you get even more mad at Lyme. You're not a victim all the time... instead you yell at it: "Not today, dude. I don't have time for this shit!"
    We push through cause what other choice is there, right? :)

  20. I just want to thank Sara and everyone who has wrote comments on this blog.

    I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I am only on Amoxicillin currently. My LLMD has told me that he would like to add more later in pregnancy. I am simply terriefied of all of this.

    I share all of the fears that you have mentioned above. I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter who has had a few signs of Lyme but nothing significant enough that my LLMD would like to treat. She also tested negative at IGENEX.

    My symptoms of Lyme didn't appear until my daughter was 14 months old. I have no idea if I passed it on during pregnancy or not. However, this pregnancy is a different story.

    I was on a antibiotic treatment protocol until I went through full blown drug induced liver failure. Yes it sucked big a**!!! It took 6 long months for my liver to recover. My LLMD put me on a natural approach of tinctures and 3 months later I found out I'm pregnant.

    Every 2 weeks throughout my entire pregnancy I have to get a liver function blood test. So far so good. But my LLMD is slowly increasing my dose of Amoxicillin and this scares the crap out me. Because I am not only worried about the well being of my unborn child but I am worried about my liver holding out throughout my pregnancy.

    The strange thing is that my LLMD told me that I am not considered a high-risk pregnancy and I am currently seeing a regular OB doctor.

    Although I have not been 100% symptom free.( I still have mild chest pain, spots in my vision, hands that swell at night, and horrific back pain) I actually am one of the typical pregnant Lyme patients who have diminished sypmtoms while pregnant. And although I am enjoying this time right now, I am always fearing the unknown of what will happen after the baby is here. I am afraid!!!

    Once again, thank you to everyone who has posted comments about their Lyme pregnancy experiences. And thank you Sara for helping me when I needed help the most. Take Care (= Tiffagoo

  21. Sara,

    Thanks for the response. Hang in there!!!! I really believe that we ALL have those days where we just can't get our &%^$ together to do anything, and that's okay. Sometimes life itself is overwhelming (even when the babysitter is lined up and everything else is ready). Even healthy people have that problem, and you can sure bet healthy pregnant women do. So a Lyme-infected pregnant women? No need to feel badly!

    I think having a great husband/partner helps a TON, and it sounds like your hubby is very understanding. Even saints have their limits, but having a few good people around you helps make those days so much better, because there's someone there to pick up the pieces. Just today, my husband got home from work, did the dishes from yesterday, cooked dinner, came to the couch to eat with me, did the dishes from tonight, then went to the grocery store for tomorrow's necessities. All while I sat there and said pitifully, "thaaaaank yoooooou." It was just one of those days.

    I would have never pegged you as a bitter pessimist! Ha. But honestly, I do see a lot of will-to-fight in you, and I think that is very important. For example, you are mad at Lyme, BECAUSE it keeps you from doing things, instead of being complacent and shrugging things off because Lyme keeps you from doing things, which is basically the easiest route. I know it sounds corny, but I find you and your blog very inspiring. So it is ironic that a former pessimist is now inspiring others. ;)

    A lot of times, in this weird world of chronic Lyme, everything revolves around "can't." But I see this blog as an example of "can." The message is, "it isn't going to be easy, but you can have a baby." Not "you can't eat gluten. i can't exercise. we can't think. our blood flows backwards and so we need this pill." The overwhelming message is about choosing what we can do. Don't know if that makes any sense, but I hope it does!

    Tiffagoo, good luck to you!!!!


  22. Hi,

    Do you know of any moms who took Samento and Banderol during pregnancy and everything was fine?


  23. Any ideas on how to control and prevent yeast while on antibiotics during pregnancy?

    I'm not currently pregnant, but can relate to all of the posts in trying to decide the best course of action, should that happen in the future.

  24. I see that this is an old post but i just wanted to add in my experience. I am currently pregnant with #4. Taking 2 anbx. I was diagnosed after baby #2. She, (9 yrs old now) has lyme, struggles with learning disorders, behavior problems which we are waiting to get diagnosed, they are thinking adhd and has self loathing. The worst thing is to see her suffer from the same joint pain that has plagued me for over 20 years and accounted for 6 sugeries which ended in a total hip replacement at 33. I'm still suffering with terrible joint pain. Baby #3 born after 9 months of antibiotics has been the happiest and healthiest of all my children and I'm giving this baby in my current pregnancy the best chance at life with the 2 anbx that I take. I totally understand if you CAN'T take them but I was so happy to see how healthy my almost 2 yr old was after being on the antibiotics. Watching your child suffer from a disease that you passed to them through utero and although I know it couldn't be helped as we didn't know that I had it, when she tells me she wishes she didn't have Lyme, I feel a stab to my heart from the guilt of it all...if only...
    No judgement fellow Lyme mama's. Just my experience as an almost mom of 4 with 2 healthy kids, 1 Lyme kid and a baby on the way. I'm so glad I took my Drs advice and took those anbx!

  25. The preconception period (three months prior to pregnancy) is the time to make life changes that can help boost fertility, reduce problems during pregnancy and assist in recovery from birth. So it is better to go for a safe pregnancy planning.