Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Making Progress

I'm keeping this brief, because I feel like I got hit by a truck today, but I wanted to report that I fired the evil high risk doctor when he failed to respond to my complaint letter.

On Monday, I went for my four month OBGYN visit, and I was pleasantly surprised. I told the doctor my story, and she was so appalled by the high risk doctor's negligence, that within twelve hours, she pulled strings and had appointments set up for me to see a new high risk doctor, as well as the head infectious disease doctor at the hospital in my town.

She was even kind enough to tell me to call her after hours if I had any questions or just wanted to talk. I've never had such immediate medical gratification, and I certainly haven't had a doctor who genuinely cared so much. (If you are in CT and want the name of the best OBGYN in the universe, email me. I can also give you the name of a doctor to avoid at all costs.)

Infectious disease doctors are notorious for disagreeing with long-term antibiotic treatment. My LLMD even called to tell me that even though it was great news that I would see this new guy, I should be prepared to be challenged, as some of the "non-believers" can be "hostile."

I wouldn't say that I got warm fuzzies from the ID doctor, but he was far from hostile. Conservative, but kind is the best way to describe him. Regardless, he saw the twitching and wrote the order for all six months of IV Rocephin.

Here is something I learned that might be useful to you: In CT, it is illegal for an insurance company to deny coverage for Lyme orders written by an infectious disease doctor, neurologist, or rheumatoid arthritis specialist. (I'm too tired to fact check this right now, this is just what the doctor told me.)

So, tomorrow I am going to the hospital to FINALLY get my PICC line. Baby will be protected in no time, and mom might even start feeling better.


  1. Sara! That is so wonderful! I am so happy for you. I am glad you found someone that is willing to work with you. I am also SOOOO thankful that the ID doctor was willing to prescribe the long-term antibiotics. That is a miracle in itself! Know that you are in my prayers! Blessings!! :)

  2. yea! great news. way to know when to walk away!!! you go girl.

  3. Hello,
    I just fell upon your blog and I've been reading a bit of it. Thank you for writing this, it's been interesting to read. My husband has Lyme and I was actually on another blog getting info to support May Lyme Awareness month. As I was reading your post, I had a question for you... my husband has been denied picc line treatment by his insurance company. We live in PA. Three years ago we paid out of pocket. But he needs it again and we can't afford it any more. I probably don't know the answer to this question, but maybe you do... do you have to live in CT or just have a doc prescribing in CT for insurance to have to cover it???